Lithium batteries of PANASONIC

Panasonic is a world class manufacturer of top quality cells and industrial batteries. Panasonic brand products are recommended for applications requiring the highest reliability levels. The company’s range of products includes high quality lithium-ion, lithium and alkaline batteries, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (Cadnica) series batteries as well as lead-acid batteries. The superb combination of cell safety, reliability and lifetime puts this company amongst the leading world battery manufacturers.


BR Series

The BR series are coin type batteries, delivering dense energy, long lifetimes, low self-discharge and good operating parameters at a wide range of ambient temperatures. These batteries can operate in temperatures between -40oC and +85oC, with “A” models rated up to +125oC.

At 20oC the battery self-discharge rate is 1.0% / year.


  • equipment for radio identification,
  • measuring instruments,
  • professional electronic equipment.


TypeVoltage (V)Nominal capacity (mAh)Max. cont. current (mA)Dimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload


BR-12203,0350,03ø 12,5×2,0Coin
BR-12253,0480,03ø 12,5×2,5Coin
BR-16323,01200,03ø 16,0×3,2Coin
BR-23253,01650,03ø 23,0×2,5Coin
BR-20323,01900,03ø 20,0×3,2Coin
BR-23303,02550,03ø 23,0×3,0Coin
BR-30323,05000,03ø 30,0×3,2Coin
BR-1225A3,0480,03ø 12,5×2,5Coin
BR-1632A3,01200,03ø 16,0×3,2Coin
BR-2330A3,02550,03ø 23,0×3,0Coin
BR-2450A3,05500,03ø 24,5×5,0Coin
BR-2477A3,010000,03ø 24,5×7,7Coin
BR-4253,0250,50ø 4,2×25,9Cylindrical
BR-4353,0501,00ø 4,2×35,9Cylindrical
BR_AG3,022002,50ø 17,0×45,5Cylindrical
BR-1/2AA3,010002,50ø 14,5×25,5Cylindrical
BR-2/3A3,012002,50ø 17,0×33,5Cylindrical
BR-2/3AG3,014502,50ø 17,0×33,5Cylindrical
BR-A3,018002,50ø 17,0×45,5Cylindrical
BR-C3,050005,00ø 26,0×50,5Cylindrical



CR Series

The CR series is designed for operation in devices with a relatively high demand for energy and electricity. Available in coin and cylindrical formats. These batteries can operate in a wide range of temperatures, depending on the format, coin batteries: from -30oC to +60oC, cylindrical batteries: from -40oC to +70oC. The batteries deliver good performance when working with pulse currents (depending on cell model), high and stable voltage during discharge and long lifetimes. At 20oC the battery self-discharge rate is 1.0% / year.


  • remote control systems,
  • digital thermometers,
  • glucose meters,
  • weights, scales,
  • door lock systems,
  • label guns,
  • watches,
  • ticket machines,
  • electronic notepads, etc.
TypeVoltage (V)Nominal capacity (mAh)Max. cont. current (mA)Dimensions (mm) 


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CR-123A3,0155020ø 17,0×34,5Cylindrical
CR-23,085020ø 15,6×27,0Cylindrical
CR-2Z3,010002,5ø 15,6×27,0Cylindrical
CR-AAU3,018002,5ø 14,5×50,5Cylindrical
CR-2/3AU3,016002,5ø 17×33,5Cylindrical
CR-2/3AZ3,016002,5ø 17,0×33,5Cylindrical
CR-AG3,024002,5ø 17,0×45,5Cylindrical
CR-AGZ3,027002,5ø 17,0×45,5Cylindrical
CR-LAZ3,030002,5ø 17,0×50,5Cylindrical
CR-10253,0300,1ø 10,0×2,5,0Coin
CR-12163,0250,1ø 12,5×16,0Coin
CR-12203,0350,1ø 12,5×2,0Coin
CR-16123,0400,1ø 16,0×1,2Coin
CR-16163,0550,1ø 16,0×1,6Coin
CR-16203,0750,1ø 16,0×2,0Coin
CR-16323,0140,1ø 16,0×3,2Coin
CR-20123,0550,1ø 20,0×1,2Coin
CR-20163,0900,1ø 20,0×1,6Coin
CR-20253,01650,2ø 20,0×2,5Coin
CR-20323,02200,2ø 20,0×3,2Coin
CR-23303,02650,2ø 23,0×3,0Coin
CR-23543,05600,2ø 23,0×5,4Coin
CR-24123,01000,2ø 24,5×1,2Coin
CR-24503,06200,2ø 24,5×5,0Coin
CR-24773,010000,2ø 24,5×7,7Coin