VRLA-AGM lead-acid batteries

Maintenance free lead-acid AGM (absorptive glass mat) rechargeable batteries feature VRLA unidirectional safety valves.  Available electrical capacity: 1.3 – 260Ah, 6V/12V. The electrolyte is absorbed into highly porous glass fibre separators. Such a method for filling the void between battery plates eliminates electrolyte leakages from a mechanically damaged battery. The low internal resistance of such units improves their operating parameters.


  • telecommunication,
  • power industry,
  • industrial use,
  • medicine.

For backup power supply in:

  • UPSs,
  • telephone exchanges,
  • base and relay stations,
  • alarm and access control systems,
  • emergency lighting,
  • photovoltaic systems.

Leakproof and maintenance free, pressure release valves improves use safety, high concentrations of energy, small internal resistance, working temperature range: -20°C to +60°C, may be used in any orientation (except for when charging), housing made out of UL94HB or V-0 ABS.

Wamtechnik offeres VRLA-AGM lead-acid batteries: