Alkaline cells of VARTA

Alkaline cells of Varta have very low internal resistance, long lifetime, high energy density and can operate in a wide range of temperature:  -20oC to +55oC. A single cell voltage is 1,5V. They are used in devices not demanding high current, with long operating time and reliability.


  • electronic control systems,
  • measuring instruments,
  • glucometers,
  • scales,
  • electronic doors,
  • watches,
  • special lighting,
  • notepads etc.


TypeVoltage (V)SizeDimensions (mm)Download PDF


AAAø 10,5×45,0
LR6AAø 14,5×50,5
LR14Cø 26,0×50,0
LR20Dø 34,0×62,0
6LR619,09V Block48,5×26,5×17,5