Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (Li-FePO4) of Nerbo Lithium

NERBO Lithium is the proprietary brand of Wamtechnik’s Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries.

The N-LFP 12V series are batteries designed as high-quality replacements for 12V AGM lead-acid batteries and Gel. Perfect for deep cyclic work (discharge up to 100% DoD), they reach a service life of up to 3,500 cycles under appropriate conditions. They are equally well suited for buffer work over many years of use, the designed calendar life is up to 15 years.

The batteries are made of 3.2V LFP cells of high quality and reliability, with a capacity range from 9Ah to 300Ah. All models are equipped with an electronic system of supervision and protection of the battery operation (BMS system, which controls voltages and currents and protects against overcharging, short circuit, excessive or too low temperature).

A number of models have a built-in 2.4GHz radio communication module, which uses the application to show the basic parameters of the battery.

Selected models are designed to operate and charge at low temperatures. They have a built-in cell heating system (HEAT function) that allows the battery to be charged in negative temperatures.


  • Interchangeable with the range of 12V lead-acid batteries,
  • Stable operating voltage in a wide range of loads,
  • Much longer service life – up to 3500 cycles – compared to the lead-acid technology, especially for deep discharges, for which the lead-acid technology reaches 300 cycles (or less),
  • Fast charging,
  • Much better durability in a wide range of operating temperatures,
  • Parallel connection possible up to 4P (capacity increase)


  • On-board power for motorhomes, boats, caravans,
  • Electric drives (bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, transport carts, wheelchairs, electric cars),
  • UPS systems, DC power stations (telecommunications, banking sectors),
  • Emergency lighting,
  • Alarm systems, automation and access control,
  • Energy storage in photovoltaic systems,
  • Professional electronics.

Wamtechnik’s 30-year experience in the battery market has allowed us to prepare a series of N-LFP 12V products reliably and with long-term use perspective, for customers who need high parameters as well as very good quality and durability.

NERBO Lithium 12V Series

ModelVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Dimensions L/W/H  (mm)Weight (kg)TerminalsData sheet
N-LFP 12-1212,812,0151 / 98 / 951,6fast-on 6,3 mm
N-LFP 20-1212,820,0180 / 76 / 1663,0M6  internal thread
N-LFP 100-1212,8100,0318 / 165 / 21512,5M8  internal thread
N-LFP 100-12-BL12,8100,0318 / 165 / 21512,5M8  internal thread
N-LFP 150-1212,8150,0484 / 170 / 24120,0M8  internal thread
N-LFP 200-1212,8200,0484 / 170 / 24126,0M8  internal thread
N-LFP 300-1212,8300,0520 / 221 / 26935,0M8  internal thread
N-LFP 300-12-BLH12,8300,0521 / 280 / 23540,0M8  internal thread

(i)  Other models available on request: N-LFP 9-12; N-LFP 50-12; N-LFP 125-12; N-LFP 150-12 and N-LFP 200-12
(ii) Models from 9 to 300Ah may be equipped with 2.4GHz radio communication compatible with the application
(iii) 100Ah, 200Ah and 300Ah models may be equipped with the HEAT function