VRLA-AGM lead-acid batteries of SSB Battery

SSB Battery is a German lead-acid gel and AGM rechargeable battery brand. These rechargeable batteries have been tried and tested in numerous applications and large systems. High quality, a wide range of models, capacities and availability of SSB Battery rechargeable batteries makes these one of the most popular products on the market.

SB/SBH Series

Design lifetime: 6 – 9 years for buffer operation. These rechargeable batteries deliver a wide spectrum of applications, such as:

  • UPS systems,
  • alarm systems,
  • mobile equipment,
  • cash tills.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah) Length
Width [mm]Height [mm]Total height (mm)Weight [kg]TerminalDownload PDF
SB 1,3-66 V1,3 Ah982452580,30fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 3-66 V3,0 Ah66,534971030,53fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 3,4-66 V3,4 Ah1343460660,60fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 5-66 V5,0 Ah7047991050,75fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 7-66 V8,0 Ah15134941001,20fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 12-66 V12 Ah1505093991,80fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 1,2-12 VdS12 V1,2Ah974352580,57fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 2,3-12 VdS12 V2,3 Ah1783561670,99fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 3,4-1212V3,4 Ah1346760661,30fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 5-1212 V5,2 Ah90701011071,85fast-on 4,8 mm
SB 5-12L12 V5,2 Ah90701011071,85fast-on 6,3 mm
SBH 200-1212 V5 Ah15150951011,85fast-on 6,3 mm

SBL Series

Designed lifetime up to 12 years in buffer operation. SBL series feature stable parameters and good quality, and are mainly applied in big installations.


  • guaranteed power supply systems,
  • central batteries,
  • DC power stations for telecommunication,
  • USP systems.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah) Length
Width [mm]Height [mm]Total height (mm)Weight [kg]TerminalDownload PDF
SBL 7.2-1212 V8 Ah15165941002,15fast-on 4,8 mm
SBL 7.2-12L12 V8 Ah15165941002,15fast-on 6,3 mm
SBL 9-12L12 V9 Ah15165941002,5fast-on 6,3 mm
SBL 12-1212 V12 Ah15198951013,7fast-on 4,8 mm
SBL 12-12L12 V12 Ah15198951013,7fast-on 6,3 mm
SBL 18-12i12 V18 Ah181771671675,2internal thread M5
SBL 18-1212 V18 Ah181771671675,2screw nut
SBL 20-12i12 V20 Ah181771671675,9internal thread M5
SBL 26-12i12 V26 Ah1761661251258,1internal thread M5
SBL 28-12i12 V28 Ah1761661251258,6internal thread M5
SBL 28-12i(sh)12 V28 Ah1651251741749,3internal thread M5
SBL 33-12i12 V33 Ah1951301551689,7internal thread M6
SBL 36-12i12 V36 Ah1951301551689,7internal thread M6
SBL 40-12i12 V40 Ah19816616916913,0internal thread M6
SBL 45-12i12 V45 Ah19816616916913,5internal thread M6
SBL 55-12i12 V55 Ah22913820821318,0internal thread M6
SBL 60-12i(sh)12 V60 Ah26016921121620,5internal thread M6
SBL 65-12i12 V65 Ah35016718218221,0internal thread M6
SBL 70-12i(sh)12 V70 Ah26016921121621,5internal thread M6
SBL 70-12i12 V70 Ah35016718218222,5internal thread M6
SBL 80-12i12 V80 Ah35016718218223,0internal thread M6
SBL 85-12i12 V85 Ah25816620621124,0internal thread M6
SBL 100-12i12 V100 Ah33017121522229,0internal thread M8
SBL 110-12i12 V110 Ah32817221522030,0internal thread M8
SBL 120-12i(sh)12 V120 Ah32817221522032,0internal thread M8
SBL 120-12i12 V120 Ah40717722522535,0internal thread M8
SBL 134-12i12 V134 Ah34017328028741,0internal thread M8
SBL 160-12i12 V160 Ah48317024124144,5internal thread M8
SBL 180-12i12 V180 Ah53220721421953,0internal thread M8
SBL 200-12i12 V200 Ah52224021922460,0internal thread M8
SBL 225-12i12 V225 Ah52224021922461,0internal thread M8
SBL 240-12i12 V240 Ah52224021922465,0internal thread M8
SBL 260-12i12 V260 Ah52126822022572,0internal thread M8

SBL 2V Series


TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah) Length
Width [mm]Height [mm]Total height (mm)Weight [kg]TerminalDownload PDF
SBL 200-2i2 V200 Ah17010633034211,5internal thread M8
SBL 250-2i2 V250 Ah17010633034213,3internal thread M8
SBL 300-2i2 V300 Ah17015033034216,5internal thread M8
SBL 400-2i2 V400 Ah17015033034219internal thread M8
SBL 500-2i2 V500 Ah19617133034225,5internal thread M8
SBL 600-2i2 V600 Ah24117133034230internal thread M8
SBL 800-2i2 V800 Ah28517133034239internal thread M8
SBL 1000-2i2 V1000 Ah38317133034251internal thread M8
SBL 1200-2i2 V1200 Ah47117133034260internal thread M8
SBL 1500-2i2 V1500 Ah35533733034284,5internal thread M8
SBL 2000-2i2 V2000 Ah476337330342116,5internal thread M8
SBL 2500-2i2 V2500 Ah476337330342121internal thread M8
SBL 3000-2i2 V3000 Ah696340330342170internal thread M8

SBL HR Series

Rechargeable batteries with up to 15 years lifetime for buffer operation. This series of batteries has been specially designed for UPS applications. These feature increased power performance under discharge for short operation periods.


  • guaranteed power supply systems.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah) Length
Width [mm]Height [mm]Total height (mm)Weight [kg]TerminalDownload PDF
SBL 9-12HR12 V303W/10min15165941002,45faston 6,3 mm
SBL 22-12HR12 V666W/10min181771671676,3internal thread
SBL 31-12HR12 V801W/10min1781661251258,6internal thread
SBL 41-12HR12 V930W/10min19513015516810,2internal thread
SBL 50-12HR12 V1127W/10min19816616916913,0internal thread
SBL 66-12HR12 V1550W/10min22913821121617,5internal thread
SBL 76-12HR12 V1831W/10min35016718218221,0internal thread
SBL 85-12HR12 V2113W/10min26016921121824,8internal thread
SBL 100-12HR12 V2527W/10min306,5168,521021529,0internal thread
SBL 125-12HR12 V2832W/10min32817221522032,0internal thread
SBL 135-12HR12 V3381W/10min40717722522538,0internal thread
SBL 151-12HR12 V3881W/10min34017328028744,0internal thread
SBL 170-12HR12 V4247W/10min48317024124146,0internal thread
SBL 225-12HR12 V5367W/10min52224021922463,0internal thread
SBL 240-12HR12 V5736W/10min52224021922465,0internal thread M8
SBL 270-12HR12 V6118W/10min52224021922474,0internal thread

SBLFT (Front Terminal) Series

Designed lifetime up to 12 years in buffer and cyclic operations. SBLFT series fit well in 19” and 23” cabinets. Front side terminals for easy connections.


  • medical equipment,
  • military equipment and radiocommunication,
  • alarm systems,
  • guaranteed power supply systems,
  • emergency lighting.


TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah) Length
Width [mm]Height [mm]Total height (mm)Weight [kg]TerminalDownload PDF
SBLFT 55-12i12 V55 Ah29110623023018,0internal thread
SBLFT 100-12i12 V100 Ah41011028528631,0internal thread
SBLFT 105-12i12 V105 Ah50811023623632,5internal thread
SBLFT 150-12i12 V150 Ah56511028828843,5internal thread
SBLFT 180-12i12 V180 Ah56012531631652,0internal thread
SBLFT 200-12i12 V200 Ah56012531631657,7internal thread