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Industrial Packs Department

We analyse your request and advise you on the power systems we design. We determine the parameters required for the device: electrical (e.g.: voltage, capacity, resistance, operating and charging currents), mechanical (e.g.: size, weight, mechanical stresses) and electronic (e.g. related to the electronic monitoring system). We also consider the requirements relating to certification and approval for use.


Research and Development Department

During the design process, we make sure that the power supply system meets the specified technical parameters and optimise the production process and costs. At every stage of the project, we cooperate with the Industrial Packs Department and the Client to routinely incorporate all requirements of the device



At this stage, the first design is built in order to be subject to further examinations and necessary tests.


Laboratory and tests

We conduct tests, frequently using the final application, to verify the durability of the pack. The tests include a thorough analysis of technical requirements for the device and a detailed assessment of the materials, methods and technologies used in the pack. We conduct a number of tests at our own laboratory, and we also contract tests to certified bodies.



After successful tests, we initiate batch production. We use the Lean Manufacturing method to ensure efficient use of human, equipment and material resources and optimise manufacturing costs.
We pay special attention to the following factors relevant to pack assembly:
• high quality and stability of cell parameters,
• correct sizing of cells before assembly (in terms of voltage, capacity and resistance),
• high-quality cell connections to ensure long life of the pack (from 300 to several thousand charge/discharge cycles),
• using professionally manufactured components of our own design.



Distribution Department

We provide assistance and give advice on the selection of a suitable power source. We analyse the power supply parameters for specific applications, advising on the most energy-efficient, economical and high-quality solution.


Production or storage

We send your order directly to the warehouse. If the distributed cells require minor finishing work (e.g. heating up soldering lugs or cable bundles), the order is sent to the Production Department and then to the Warehouse.


The cells in the power sources use technologies that ensure the optimum operation in any application.

Good operating parameters

The cells have high capacity, are durable and have good operating characteristics.


Our power supply systems are repeatedly tested, both at our own Testing and Certification Laboratory and at certified external bodies.

Flexible solutions

We select parameters of power supply systems for specific solutions. We use the latest, most market-proven cell technologies in a large number of configurations.

Long life

Depending on the design and technology of the cell – from several hundred to several thousand operating cycles or many years.

Examples of industries we supply:

Medical equipment

  • Our products have so far been used, for instance, in a knee prosthesis, intravenous fluid warmer, infusion pumps, medical dummies or medical monitors.
  • As a member of a medical R&D consortium, we worked with the Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development to develop an innovative power supply system for an artificial heart pump.

Electric drives

  • The power supply systems we design are used, for instance, in electric motorcycles, bicycles, industrial electric drives (e.g. automatic storage robots) or electric vehicles. Individual packs are also used in motorboats, gliders and racing cars.
  • We are a member of an EU research consortium – RESOLVE. We are responsible for the development of Li-Ion NMC power supply systems for the L2e category (tricycles) and L6e (four-wheelers). Under the programme, we cooperate with PIAGGIO Italy and KTM Austria. The packs we design have to ensure vehicle speed of 45 km/h, continuous power supply below 4 kW (5.4 HP), strength and durability of standards required by the type of vehicle operation.

Electrical power hand tools

  • Our power supply systems are perfectly suited for the operating conditions of electric power hand tools. They have a robust design and reinforced housing (protection against cell breakdown) and are highly resistant to vibration. Our systems have a dedicated cell holder made of a 2-component plastic for the cells. This leakproof design seals electrical connections and provides ventilation for cell cooling.
  • To ensure that the system is fully safe, the pack uses an electronic BMS, communicating all necessary measurements of the state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH), and it also has a maintenance and emergency mode.

So far, we have implemented projects for the following areas:

  • Emergency lighting and special lighting
  • Solar systems
  • Military equipment and radiocommunications
  • Professional electronic systems
  • Electric power hand tools
  • Medical equipment
  • Electric drives, energy storage systems
  • Meters
  • Alarm and electronic control devices
  • Extractive industry
  • Secure power supply systems