CADEX Battery Analyzers, Testers & Maintenance Solutions

Founded in 1985, the Canadian company CADEX Electronics Inc. is a specialist in the field of professional equipment for analyzing and testing portable power sources.
The operation of Cadex devices is based on deep theoretical knowledge in the field of power technology, developed advanced mathematical models of battery cells and practically tested correctness of these models.

Thanks to this basis, the devices are perfect as testers for the battery power industry. They are particularly useful in testing and validating a new cell model, in the selection of cell technology for a specific application, in the process of evaluating power system prototypes, and verifying the correct operation, including the assessment of complaints.

Cadex devices are also useful as test equipment for devices using battery packs for everyday use (eg mobile phones, two-way radios, power-tools, and others). Selected types of tests are carried out within 4 minutes.
The analyzers are used by many police units, fire brigades, rescue and communication services in large industrial plants around the world, where they allow to manage battery operation for critical devices with high efficiency.

The scope of functionality is analysis, testing and battery maintenance procedures. Operating parameters are definable, selection of battery technology, operating current, charging current. All measurements are recorded, voltage diagrams (discharge and charge curves) are created, and capacity is measured. Test parameters can be saved in the device’s memory for quick commissioning. A number of programs are factory-defined, eg performing several charge-discharge cycles at given currents to check charge/discharge voltage curves and cell capacity in 3-5 cycles in real conditions. Available (or self-defining ones) are battery life assessment programs by automatically executing 300 cycles, for example.


A complete range of CADEX products can be found in the CADEX EMEA PRODUCT LIST file

Below are the main product groups:

ImageDescriptionDownload PDF
Series C7000 analyzers professional analyzers: C7200 (2-slots), C7400 (4-slots) and C7400ER (4-slots with higher voltage) For Llithium, Nickel and Lead-Acid batteries.
C5100B cellphone battery analyzer for quick 4-minute battery test.
Tests quickly, decide on the spot if battery can still work, which helps to reduce your environmental footprint by decreasing the number of batteries prematurely discarded.
C8000 Battery Testing System. Affordable Laboratory-grade Accuracy and Power.
Adapters for connecting batteries to testers.
Cadex has developed many models of dedicated adapters for quickly connecting battery types to analyzers. Selected models of adapters have in memory the type of battery and its test parameters, after quick connection tests of a given type can be started very quickly.
In addition, the company has universal adapters (alligator-clips with a temperature probe) as well as Flex Arm and Rigid Arm models for press-contact connection of batteries and single cells.
Universal Conditioning Chargers
— Cadex Reverse-Load Pulse Charge decreases battery charge time, prolongs battery life and improves battery performance. Have the power you need when you need it most – in an instant, at your fingertips, ready to go.

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