VRLA-gel lead-acid batteries of SSB Battery

SSB Battery Service GmbH is a German lead-acid gel and AGM rechargeable battery manufacturer. SSB Battery brand rechargeable batteries have been present on the Polish market for more than 10 years. Tried and tested in numerous applications and large systems. The SSB brand features a large range of available types and capacities. We stock SB, SBH, SBL, SBLFT, SBCG series.

SBCG Series

Rechargeable battery design lifetime: 15 years. Gel technology batteries, built to operate under deep discharges. Designed for buffer as well as cyclical operation.


  • electric drives, energy storage systems,
  • alarm and electronic control equipment,
  • guaranteed power supply systems,
  • solar systems.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah) Length
Width [mm]Height [mm]Total height (mm)Weight [kg]TerminalDownload PDF
SBCG 33-12i12 V33 Ah1951301551689,8internal thread M6
SBCG 40-12i12 V40 Ah19816616916913,0internal thread M6
SBCG 55-12i12 V55 Ah22913821121616,5internal thread M6
SBCG 75-12i12 V75 Ah26016921121623,5internal thread M6
SBCG 100-12i12 V100 Ah32817221522030,0internal thread M8
SBCG 120-12i12 V120 Ah40717722522535,0internal thread M8
SBCG 150-12i12 V150 Ah48317024124144,0internal thread M8
SBCG 200-12i12 V200 Ah52224021922460,0internal thread M8

OPzV Series


TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah) Length
Width [mm]Height [mm]Total height (mm)Weight [kg]Terminal
4 OPzV 2002 V200 Ah10320635539016internal thread M8
5 OPzV 2502 V250 Ah12420635539019,5internal thread M8
6 OPzV 3002 V300 Ah14520635539023,5internal thread M8
5 OPzV 3502 V350 Ah12420647050527internal thread M8
6 OPzV 4202 V420 Ah14520647050532,5internal thread M8
7 OPzV 5002 V500 Ah16620647050538internal thread M8
6 OPzV 6002 V600 Ah14520664568045internal thread M8
8 OPzV 8002 V800 Ah19121064568060,5internal thread M8
10 OPzV 10002 V1000 Ah23321064568073,5internal thread M8
12 OPzV 12002 V1200 Ah27621064568088,5internal thread M8
12 OPzV 15002 V1500 Ah275210795830104,5internal thread M8
16 OPzV 20002 V2000 Ah399214770805142,5internal thread M8
20 OPzV 25002 V2500 Ah487212770805180,5internal thread M8
24 OPzV 30002 V3000 Ah576212770805214internal thread M8
OPzV 60-1212 V60 Ah26016921121623internal thread M8
OPzV 80-1212 V80 Ah32817221522030internal thread M8
OPzV 100-1212 V100 Ah40717722522536internal thread M8
OPzV 120-1212 V120 Ah48317024124145,9internal thread M8
OPzV 140-1212 V140 Ah53220721421953,5internal thread M8
OPzV 160-1212 V160 Ah53220721421957internal thread M8
OPzV 180-1212 V180 Ah52224021922466,5internal thread M8
OPzV 200-1212 V200 Ah52126822022573internal thread M8