• Business established.
  • Initially, the company’s products included lithium, alkaline and nickel cells manufactured by Panasonic and packs for emergency lighting.
  • As the first company in Central and Eastern Europe, we received a licence from Panasonic to weld together packs from nickel-cadmium cells.
  • We initiated cooperation with cell manufacturers: Saft, Sanyo, Energizer, Varta, Emmerich.

Further growth2000-2010

  • We began batch production of packs for the industry of Western Europe (1 million cells/month).
  • As the first company in Central and Eastern Europe (and, until 2012, the only such company in the region), we received a license from Panasonic to manufacture lithium-ion (Li-Ion) packs.
  • We developed, built and tested the power supply system for the first Polish electric bus – Solaris.
  • We extended the range of our services by including the design and assembly of high-power photovoltaic systems.
  • We became a certified supplier of NATO.
  • We received a license from the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Ministry of National Defence to supply the Polish Army, Police and Polish Border Guard.
  • We received ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certificates.

Innovative technologies and solutions for every branch of the industryPresently

  • We design and manufacture power supply systems for every branch of  industry, including systems dedicated to high-end equipment.
  • We ensure that our client can count on having the optimum qualifications, professionalism and quality. At the same time, we are also flexible in responding to emerging trends and market demand.
  • We offer advanced R&D services including electronic systems, integrated software and mechanical components of power supply systems.
  • We have an extensive portfolio of clients, both in Poland and from Western Europe and Scandinavia.
  • We regularly record double-digit increases in revenue.
  • We use the Lean Manufacturing production management system.
  • We carry out batch production of rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery packs, e.g. for the medical industry, electric power hand tools, construction equipment and electric drives.
  • We have opened our own Laboratory of Power Supply Systems and Certification.
  • We have over 4.7 thousand square metres of production and storage space.
  • We are leading distributors of Panasonic and Saft cells (we have become an Authorised Distributor of Panasonic and Saft cells for Eastern Europe).
  • We continue to ensure high quality – recertification of the company according to the 2015 issue of ISO 9001 and the 2016 issue of AQAP.


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