Alkaline cells of Panasonic

Panasonic is a world class manufacturer of top quality batteries and industrial accumulators. Panasonic brand products are recommended for applications requiring the highest reliability levels. The company’s range of products includes high quality lithium-ion, lithium and alkali batteries, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (Cadnica) series batteries as well as lead-acid batteries. The superb combination of cell safety, reliability and lifetime puts this company amongst the leading world battery manufacturers.

Panasonic alkaline cells can operate in a wide range of temperature: -20oC to +55oC, have low internal resistance, long lifetime and high energy density. A single alkaline cell voltage is 1,5V. They are dedicated to appliances requiring low current, long operating time and reliability.


  • electronic control systems,
  • measuring instruments,
  • glukometers,
  • scales,
  • electric doors,
  • watches,
  • special lighting,
  • notepads etc.
TypeVoltage (V)SizeDimensions (mm)Download PDF


AAAø 10,5×44,5
LR6AAø 14,5×50,5
LR14Cø 26,2×50,0
LR20Dø 34,2×61,5
6LR619,09V Block48,5×26,5×17,5