Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (Li-FePO4) of JYH

Established in 1999, JYH Technology is a private enterprise in China operating in the power sector. The company manufactures rechargeable batteries and energy sources. The main product lines include nickel–cadmium (Ni-Cd) , nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH), lithium-ion (Li-Ion), lithium-iron phosphate (Li-FePO4/LFP) batteries as well as emergency lighting modules. Through its investments in research and development works, JYH became a professional supplier on a wide scale. The factory spans 20,000 m2, with daily production capacity of 500 thousand cells. To guarantee quality and reliability of its products, the company introduced the ISO9001 quality management system. Top quality raw materials and components are used in the production process which is based on advanced plant machinery.


LFP batteries

JYH lithium-iron phosphate (Li-FePO4/LFP) cells are an offshoot of the lithium-ion technology and deliver long lifetimes (up to 2 thousand cycles) and high use safety. High Rate series cells can operate under heavy loads (up to 10C). Cells are manufactured in diameters from 10.5mm to 33mm, and capacities from 200mAh to 5500mAh.


  • measuring instruments,
  • registering systems (e.g. cash tills and taxi meters in vehicles),
  • electric motors,
  • power for solar systems,
  • emergency lighting.
TypeVoltage (V)Nominal capacity (Ah)Dimensions (mm)Construction
LFP10440-2003,20,2ø 10,5×44,0Cylindrical
LFP14430-4003,20,4ø 14,5×43,0Cylindrical
LFP14500-5003,20,5ø 14,5×49,5Cylindrical
LFP14500-6003,20,6ø 14,5×49,5Cylindrical
FP14500-600B3,20,6ø 14,5×50,5Cylindrical
LFP14650-8003,20,8ø 14,5×65,5Cylindrical
LFP18500-10003,21,0ø 18,7×50,0Cylindrical
LFP18650-14003,21,4ø 18,7×65,5Cylindrical
LFP18650-15003,21,5ø 18,7×65,5Cylindrical
LFP22650-20003,22,0ø 23,0×65,5Cylindrical
LFP26650-30003,23,0ø 26,5×65,5Cylindrical
LFP26650-33003,23,3ø 26,5×65,5Cylindrical
LFP32600-35003,23,5ø 33,0×60,5Cylindrical
LFP32670-50003,25,0ø 33,0×67,0Cylindrical
LFP32900-55003,25,5ø 33,0×91,0Cylindrical
LFP18650P-11003,21,1ø 18,7×65,5Cylindrical
LFP26650P-24003,22,4ø 26,5×65,5Cylindrical