Nickel-hydride batteries (Ni-MH) of Panasonic

Panasonic is a world class manufacturer of top quality batteries and industrial accumulators. Panasonic brand products are recommended for applications requiring the highest reliability levels. The company’s range of products includes high quality lithium-ion, lithium and alkali batteries, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (Cadnica) series batteries as well as lead-acid batteries. The superb combination of cell safety, reliability and lifetime puts this company amongst the leading world battery manufacturers.

Standard Series

The BK- and HHR standard series of cells features high capacities and very good and stable current and voltage parameters. They find use in a number of devices requiring longer operating periods and quite fast rechargeable battery charge and discharge parameters. Application:

  • medical,
  • power tools,
  • military,
  • transport industries.
TypeVoltage (V)Typical capaity (Ah)Nominal capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current (A)SizeDimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload PDF
BK-70AAAJ1,20,730,701,4AAAø 10,5×44,5Cylindrical
BK-90AAA1,20,880,831,6LAAAø 10,5×50,5Cylindrical
BK-120AA (HHR-120AA)*1,21,221,152,34/5AAø 14,5×43,0Cylindrical
BK-110AA (HHR-110AA)*1,21,181,102,2AAø 14,5×50,5Cylindricala
BK-150AA (HHR-150AA)*1,21,581,503,0AAø 14,5×50,5Cylindrical
BK-200AAP1,22,001,903,8AAø 14,5×50,5Cylindrical
HHR-210AAB (high top)1,22,001,903,8AAø 14,5×50,5Cylindrical (high top)
BK-200A (HHR-200A)*1,22,042,004,04/5Aø 17,0×43,0Cylindrical
BK-210A (HHR-210A)*1,22,202,104,2Aø 17,0×50,0Cylindrical
HHR-380A1,23,803,707,4LAø 17,0×67,0Cylindrical
HHR-450A1,24,504,208,4LFatAø 18,2×67,0Cylindrical

(*) Gradual name change: Panasonic HHR => Panasonic BK

High current Series

The BK/HHR(*) high current series is an excellent choice for applications requiring high operating currents (10C to 14C) and low internal impedance. These cells also deliver all the advantages of Ni-MH technology (very good price to efficiency ratio, high reliability, long lifetimes, broad operating temperature range, no memory effect).


  •  power tools (cordless drills, screwdrivers),
  • radio controlled toys (R/C models),
  • vacuum cleaners,
  • portable lamps,
  • radio communication equipment, etc.
Type Voltage (V)Typical capacity (Ah)Nominal capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current (A)SizeDimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload PDF
HHR-200SCP1,22,101,90304/5SCø 23,0×34,0Cylindrical
HHR-260SCP1,22,702,4530SCø 23,0×43,0Cylindrical
HHR-300SCP1,23,052,8030SCø 23,0×43,0Cylindrical

(*) Gradual name change: Panasonic HHR => Panasonic BK

High temperature Series

The HHR/BK(*) high temperature range features the effective charging and high current drains (3 models: 250SCH, 310CH and 330APH) at increased temperatures (up to +60oC). Long lifetime is an additional advantage (6-10 years for selected models) at elevated temperatures. Operating temperature range: -10 to +60ºC. For maximum lifetime intermittent charging is recommended (Intermittent Charge mode).


  • lighting industry,
  • medical devices,
  • alarm systems,
  • measurement instruments.
TypeVoltage (V)Typical capacity (Ah)Nominal capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current (A)SizeDimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload PDF
BK-60AAAH1,20,550,500,50AAAø 10,5×44,5Cylindryczna
BK-70AAH (HHR-70AAH)*1,20,750,700,70AAø 14,5×49,0Cylindryczna
BK-150AAH1,21,531,451,45AAø 14,5×50,5Cylindryczna
BK-160AH1,21,721,601,604/5Aø 17,0×43,0Cylindryczna
BK-210AH (HHR-210AH)*1,22,051,901,90Aø 17,0×50,0Cylindryczna
HHR-250SCH1,22,652,5020,00SCø 23,0×43,0Cylindryczna
BK-310CH (HHR-310CH)*1,23,303,1020,00Cø 25,8×50,0Cylindryczna
BK-330APH (HHR-330APH)*1,23,303,2020,00LFatAø 18,2×67,5Cylindryczna
BK-370AH (HHR-370AH)*1,23,703,503,50LFatAø 18,2×67,5Cylindryczna
BK-10V1S1,295,090,0100,00V sizeø62,6×188,7Cylindryczna

(*) Gradual name change: Panasonic HHR => Panasonic BK

Low temperature Series

The BK low temperature series was designed for operation at low temperatures, down to -30oC. Application: radio communication devices and equipment used in outdoor conditions.


  • radio communication devices,
  • equipment used in outdoor conditions.
TypeVoltage (V)Typical capacity (Ah)Nominal capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current (A)SizeDimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload PDF
BK-130AAH1,21,401,252,5AAø 14,5×50,5Cylindryczna
BK-250A1,22,602,454,9Aø 17,0×50,0Cylindryczna

(*)Stopniowa zmiana nazewnictwa: Panasonic HHR => Panasonic BK