Energy Storage Nerbo PowerWall



Nerbo Lithium PowerWall

Nerbo Lithium PowerWall is a battery that stores electric energy, which, in combination with a photovoltaic installation, significantly increases the utilization degree of energy produced from the PV installation. Economy, ecology and independence are the main advantages of using Nerbo Lithium energy storage.
PowerWall will improve the economy of our home and provide a source of electricity both at night, when there is no PV power, and in the case of power outages. Energy storage in summer houses in combination with a photovoltaic installation, practically allow energetic independence. In addition, the energy storage will provide us with additional source to cover temporary high energy demand in case of charging the electric vehicles and other devices.

Advantages of Energy Storage

Nerbo Lithium PowerWall

  • safe LiFePo4 technology – the energy storage is managed by a built-in advanced battery supervision and management system BMS (Battery Management System), ensuring continuous control of voltages, currents and operating temperature,
  • very long cycle life (up to 5000 cycles at 50% DOD),
  • high energy density with a relatively low weight of 48 kg,
  • very efficient source of energy – both in terms of a wide temperature operating range, as well as offering a stable operating voltage in a wide range of loads,
  • possibility of parallel connection up to 16P (capacity increase to 80 kWh),
  • completely maintenance-free.

Possibility of parallel connection up to 16 pcs,

obtaining up to 80 kWh.