Lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion)

Lithium-ion batteries* comprise one of the latest rechargeable cell solutions. The main advantages of Li-Ion batteries include high energy density, both in terms of mass and volume (cells are light and small), high unit voltage, no memory effect whatsoever, long lifetimes and low self-discharge rates. Additionally Li-Ion batteries are more environmentally friendly than Ni-Cd or Ni-MH cells. Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are widely used for modern electronic equipment. Wamtechnik range of products includes Li-Ion cells by Panasonic, Saft, LG-Chem, Sony and other world leading manufacturers.

*Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are only available with electronic safeguards appropriate for the given application installed by Wamtechnik.

Wamtechnik offers Lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion) of following brands: