VRLA-AGM lead-acid batteries

VRLA-AGM lead-acid batteries of Hawker Energy

HAWKER Energy is a world lead-acid battery market leader. The rechargeable batteries feature a unique technology entailing production of plates using pure lead.

Cyclon single cells and monoblock

These rechargeable batteries deliver unique properties, such as: electrical capacity in the 2.5 – 25Ah range at 2V/4V/6V/12V. Designed for buffer as well as cyclical operation, long lifetimes (10 or more years /25°C/), wide range of operating temperatures (-65°C to +80°C for single Cyclone cells, -40°C to +40°C for monoblocks), rapid charge option (up to 90% capacity in 1h), high resistance to deep discharge, high efficiency in terms of electricity consumption, operation in any orientation, low self-discharge rate.


  • professional electronics,
  • medical equipment,
  • military equipment and radio-communication,
  • alarm and electronic control equipment,
  • guaranteed power supply systems,
  • emergency and special lighting.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Dimensions length/width/height (mm)Total height (mm)Weight (kg)Clamp typeDesign lifetimeDownload
Cyclon D2,02,5-/34,3/61,268,10,18fast-on 4,8 mm10 years
Cyclon DT2,04,5-/34,3/96,0102,90,27fast-on 4,8 mm10 years
Cyclon X2,05,0-/72,9/72,981,50,36fast-on 6,3 mm10 years
Cyclon E2,08,0-/44,5/100,0108,70,49fast-on 6,3 mm10 years
Cyclon J2,012,5-/51,8/123,0135,60,84fast-on 8,0 mm10 years
Cyclon BC2,025,0-/65,3/159,0173,21,67M6(-)/M8(+)10 years
Cyclon D monoblock4,02,5-/79,5/46,069,90,04fast-on 4,8 mm10 years
Cyclon X monoblock4,05,0-/96,5/53,876,60,07fast-on 6,3 mm10 years
Cyclon E monoblock4,08,0-/96,8/54,1101,60,10fast-on 6,3 mm10 years
Cyclon D monoblock6,02,5113,8/46,0/69,669,60,52fast-on 4,8 mm10 years
Cyclon X monoblock6,05,0139,2/53,8/76,776,70,98fast-on 6,3 mm10 years
Cyclon E monoblock6,08,0139,2/54,1/102,0101,61,43fast-on 6,3 mm10 years