VRLA-AGM lead-acid batteries of Hawker Energy

HAWKER Energy is a world lead-acid battery market leader. The rechargeable batteries feature a unique technology entailing production of plates using pure lead.

Cyclon single cells and monoblock

These rechargeable batteries were designed for buffer as well as cyclical operation, long lifetimes (10 or more years /25°C/), wide range of operating temperatures (-65°C to +80°C for single Cyclone cells, -40°C to +40°C for monoblocks), rapid charge option (up to 90% capacity in 1h), high resistance to deep discharge, high efficiency in terms of electricity consumption, operation in any orientation, low self-discharge rate. “


  • professional electronics,
  • medical equipment,
  • military equipment and radio-communication,
  • alarm and electronic control equipment,
  • guaranteed power supply systems,
  • emergency and special lighting.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Dimensions length/width/height (mm)Total height (mm)Weight (kg)Clamp type
Cyclon D2,02,5-/34,3/61,268,10,18fast-on 4,8 mm
Cyclon DT2,04,5-/34,3/96,0102,90,27fast-on 4,8 mm
Cyclon X2,05,0-/72,9/72,981,50,36fast-on 6,3 mm
Cyclon E2,08,0-/44,5/100,0108,70,49fast-on 6,3 mm
Cyclon BC2,025,0-/65,3/159,0173,21,67M6(-)/M8(+)
Cyclon D monoblock4,02,5-/79,5/46,069,90,04fast-on 4,8 mm
Cyclon X monoblock4,05,0-/96,5/53,876,60,07fast-on 6,3 mm
Cyclon E monoblock4,08,0-/96,8/54,1101,60,10fast-on 6,3 mm
Cyclon D monoblock6,02,5113,8/46,0/69,669,60,52fast-on 4,8 mm
Cyclon X monoblock6,05,0139,2/53,8/76,776,70,98fast-on 6,3 mm
Cyclon E monoblock6,08,0139,2/54,1/102,0101,61,43fast-on 6,3 mm