Lithium batteries (non-rechargeable)

Lithium batteries of SAFT

Saft is a word leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of technologically advanced cells and batteries used in industrial applications. A pioneer in the design and production of both lithium as well as lithium-ion batteries. The reliability and efficiency of Saft batteries make them perfectly suited for operation in complex systems, technologically advanced equipment and state of the art hardware. Saft products, both standard batteries as well as solutions custom designed to the customer’s specification are widely used in military equipment, intelligent measurement systems, alarm systems, electronic and medical devices, transport tracking devices, tools for the extractive industry, space systems and many others.

SAFT - LS/LSH (Li-SOCl2) Series

Primary LS and LSH series lithium batteries are available in a cylindrical format. Using lithium-chloride-thionyl (Li-SOCl2) technology, they deliver high energy density and high cell voltage in a very wide range of operating temperatures: from  60°C to + 150°C.

Bobbin construction for the LS range delivers maximum quantities of active material, resulting in the highest possible capacities. Due to their low self-discharge rate, these batteries are ideal for use in devices with long operating cycles (from 5 to 20 years) at small current consumption at µA for continuous operation and 5-150 mA for pulse operation.

The spiral construction electrodes in the LSH range are designed for devices requiring 4 A pulse current. Some models from this series can operate at very high temperatures, and as such are widely used in the extractive industry (drilling machines).

TypeVoltage (V)Nominal Capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current (mA)Dimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload


LS 142503,61,235ø 14,55×25,15Cylindrical
LS 145003,62,650ø 14,55×50,3Cylindrical
LS 173303,62,125ø 16,5×33,4Cylindrical
LS 175003,63,6100ø 17,13×50,9Cylindrical
LS 265003,67,7150ø 26,0×50,4Cylindrical
LS 336003,617,0250ø 33,4×61,6Cylindrical
LS 33600LM3,617,0250ø 33,4×60,2Cylindrical
LS 9V10,81,23526,3×48,6Prismatic
LSH 143,65,81300ø 26,0×50,4Cylindrical
LSH 14 Light3,63,61300ø 26,0×50,4Cylindrical
LSH 203,613,01800ø 33,4×61,6Cylindrical
LSH 20 HTS3,611,01000ø 33,4×61,6Cylindrical
LSH 20-1503,614,0300ø 32,05×61,7Cylindrical

SAFT - LM/M (Li-MnO2) Series

Saft LM and M series primary cylindrical batteries are based on lithium-manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2) technology. They feature high surface area spiral electrodes for high power and maximum current pulse capability and high continuous drain current throughout the entire cell lifetime. The batteries can operate in a wide temperature range: from -40°C to +70°C, with the electrolyte formula designed for excellent performance in low temperatures. They are designed specifically for applications featuring continuous currents in the 0.1-5A range, with superimposed pulses as high as 5A. The batteries deliver a low self-discharge rate, they are resistant to passivation, even after long-term storage in uncontrolled temperature environments. Selected models can operate in explosion risk areas, compliant with IEC60079-11 Intrinsic Safety for ATEX applications (EC type certification).


  • Professional electronic systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Military equipment and radio-communication
  • Measuring instruments


TypeVoltage  (V)Nominal capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current  (mA)Dimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload


LM 171303,00,5300ø 16,7×16,33Cylindrical
LM 175003,03,01500ø 17,5×51,5Cylindrical
LM 265003,07,42000ø 26,0×51,5Cylindrical
LM 335503,013,04000ø 34,2×61,4Cylindrical
LM 336003,013,44000ø 33,7×61,3Cylindrical
M 193,010,33000ø 33,5×59,5Cylindrical
M 19 HR3,010,34000ø 33,5×59,5Cylindrical
M 203,012,63500ø 34,2×62,5Cylindrical
M 20 CV3,012,53500ø 33,8×61,5Cylindrical
M 20 EX3,012,43500ø 34,2×61,5Cylindrical
M 20 HR3,011,54000ø 34,2×62,5Cylindrical
M 24 HR3,020,06000ø 33,5×110,5Cylindrical
M 513,03,21000ø 26,2×35,3Cylindrical
M 523,05,62000ø 26,2×51,5Cylindrical
M 52 EX3,05,62000ø 26,2×51,5Cylindrical
M 52 HR3,04,82000ø 26,2×52,5Cylindrical
M 563,06,72500ø 26,2×62,5Cylindrical
M 623,033,06000ø 42,5×133Cylindrical


SAFT - LO/G (Li-SO2) Series

The Saft LO/G primary batteries are based on lithium-sulphur dioxide (Li-SO2) technology. The spiral electrodes feature very high active materials surface area with high power and maximum current pulse capability. They are designed for applications using continuous currents in the 0.1-5 A range, with pulses as high as 60 A. The batteries are suitable for operation in a wide temperature range (from – 40°C to + 70°C) and deliver a low self-discharge rate, even after long-term storage in uncontrolled temperature environments.

The high safety parameters mean the batteries can be used in high performance military equipment, medical devices and measuring instruments.


  • Professional electronic systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Military equipment and radio-communication
  • Measuring instruments
TypeVoltage (V)Nominal capacity (mAh)Max. cont. current (mA)Dimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload


G 04/33,0450250ø 14,2×27,9Spiral
G 06/23,0950500ø 14,2×50,3Spiral
G 22/63,0165003000ø 33,3×120,6Spiral
G 263,077502500ø 34,5×59,8Spiral
G 32/33,0800750ø 16,3×34,5Spiral
G 36/23,017001500ø 16,3×57,7Spiral
G 52/33,032002500ø 25,6×49,5Spiral
G 54/33,050002500ø 25,6×60,2Spiral
LO 25 SX3,080002500ø 39,5×50,3Spiral
LO 26 SHX3,075004000ø 34,2×59,3Spiral
LO 26 SX3,077502500ø 34,2×59,3Spiral
LO 26 SXC3,092002500ø 34,2×59,3Spiral
LO 29 SHX3,037502500ø 25,6×50,4Spiral
LO 30 SHX3,057503000ø 29×62,5Spiral
LO 34 SX3,01000500ø 25,6×20,45Spiral
LO 35 SX3,022002000ø 25,9×35,9Spiral
LO 39 SHX3,0115003000ø 31,9×100,3Spiral
LO 40 SX3,035002000ø 28,95×42,29Spiral
LO 43 SHX3,050002500ø 26,0×59,2Spiral