Standard battery packs

Our standard battery packs are a universal solution for a wide range of electrical devices, including: portable devices, measuring devices, tracking and IoT devices, electric drives, emergency power supply systems, etc.

The given standard parameters will allow you to choose the appropriate power source. In case of any questions please contact one of our specialist.

The main features of standard battery packs:

Made in lithium-ion technology, based on the Samsung INR 18650-29E battery.

We use the Li-ion cells of the highest quality. The battery packs are equipped with an integrated safety system and a standard high-quality connector and they are distinguished by a low self-discharge.

The battery packs have a long designed lifetime (up to 10 years). First storage advised up to 12 months, followed by service-maintenance charging.

All battery packs have UN 38.3 certification.


current (A) continuous
(A) pulse


16861S1P3,6 V22,5 x 18,5 x 66Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20202,53,89,8 Wh
16871S2P3,6 V36,5 x 20,5 x 66Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20203,33,819,2 Wh
16881S3P3,6 V55,5 x 21,5 x 66Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20205,5829,2 Wh
16891S4P3,6 V74 x 21,5 x 69Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20204,5839 Wh
16902S1P7,2 V37 x 20,5 x 67Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20203419,5 Wh
16912S2P7,2 V37 x 39 x 68,5Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20203539 Wh
16922S3P7,2 V59 x 38 x 66,5Molex / MiniFit 39-01-202061658,5 Wh
16932S4P7,2 V78 x 38 x 66Molex / MiniFit 39-01-202061078 Wh
16943S1P10,8 V55 x 19 x 70Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20203529,2 Wh
16953S2P10,8 V56 x 41,5 x 67Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20203,3558 Wh
16963S3P10,8 V61 x 56 x 68,5Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20205988 Wh
16973S4P10,8 V79 x 56,5 x 66,5Molex / MiniFit 39-01-202058,5117 Wh
16984S1P14,4 V74 x 22 x 69Molex / MiniFit 39-01-202024,539 Wh
16994S2P14,4 V74,5 x 40 x 68Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20203,34,581 Wh
17004S3P14,4 V74,5 x 61 x 67Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20205,511117 Wh
17014S4P14,4 V79 x 75 x 76Molex / MiniFit 39-01-20205,511156 Wh