Production planning system

In order to ensure adherence to production schedules and efficient use of available resources, we have implemented an advanced planning system that incorporates warehouse stocks, cooperation with the design office, use of individual production lines and issues relating to logistics and transportation of the end products. The system lets us predict production far  into the future, enabling us to agree on a specific production schedule with the clients.


Client's order




and Safety

Project implementation schedule

  • Determining the lead time and the extent and quantity of materials is a complex process. It requires the cooperation of several departments, e.g.: Distribution Department, Industrial Packs Department, R&D Department, Delivery and Logistics Department and, finally, Production Planning Department.
  • The schedule is agreed collectively, and it includes, in particular, the quantity of the required components and materials, completion dates of the individual stages of the project and the final product, use of production machinery and equipment and allocation of the personnel to relevant production lines.

Lean Manufacturing

  • The Lean Manufacturing production management system lets us optimise the number of operations, standardise and shorten processes and improve product quality.
  • Our work is done using the 5S methodology:
  • sort,
  • set in order,
  • shine,
  • standardise,
  • sustain.
  • The culture of continuous improvement relates to the product, operations, services and all personnel. A key element of quality assurance is in-process quality control at every production stage. It lets us eliminate the risk of errors at initial production stages to optimise lead times and product quality.

Linear and nested system

  • Depending on the specific features of a particular project, production organisation is done in a linear or nested system. The systems determine the following:
    • type and extent of cooperation between the individual production stations,
    • process sequence,
    • duration of each operation.

    This lets us eliminate unnecessary work  to ensure production continuity and enhanced efficiency.

We use an integrated IT system to improve production. It enables the routine monitoring of the continuity of orders and processes and warehouse stocks, and it ensures flexible response to design changes.


In order to ensure efficient stock management, the warehouse has been provided with a high-bay storage system. This ensures economical use of the available space, safety of the stored goods and quick issue of the goods from the warehouse.