Lithium batteries of FANSO Battery

FANSO Battery specializes in primary (non-rechargeable) lithium cells in cylindrical construction with spiral electrodes. Technologically advanced cells and batteries are mainly used in industrial applications with higher power demand. Lithium primary cells feature very high lifetime, reliability and efficiency, and make them perfectly suited for operation in complex systems, technologically advanced equipment and state of the art hardware. FANSO products, both standard batteries as well as custom designed solutions are widely used in professional electronics, intelligent measurement systems, medical devices, radio-communication, RFID identification & transport tracking devices, measurement tools for mining industry, military equipment.

FANSO – ER M high current series (Li-SOCl2)

Primary ER M series are available in cylindrical format with spiral electrodes, featuring high current capabilities. Using lithium-chloride-thionyl (Li-SOCl2) technology, they deliver high energy and high current in a very wide range of operating temperatures: from -55°C to +80°C.
Spiral construction of electrodes deliver high operating current with optimum level of energy. Due to low self-discharge rate, these batteries are ideal for use in devices with long operating cycles (upto 20 years) at small current consumption at µA for continuous operation and upto 3,5A for short pulse operation (0,1s).


TypeVoltage (V)Nominal Capacity (Ah)Max cont. current (mA)Dimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload PDF
ER 14505M3,602,10300ø 14,50×50,50Cylindrical, spiral electrodes
ER 18505M3,603,50500ø 18,50×50,50Cylindrical, spiral electrodes
ER 26500M3,606,001000ø 26,20×50,00Cylindrical, spiral electrodes
ER 34615M3,6013,001800ø 34,20×61,50Cylindrical, spiral electrodes