Nickel-hydride batteries (Ni-MH) of Arts Energy

Advanced Rechargeable Technology & Solutions (ARTS) is a renowned manufacturer of power sources, ARTS Energy products are based on nickel–cadmium and nickel–hydride technologies.

VH Series

The high current VH series comprises rechargeable batteries resistant to high charge and discharge currents subject to extended rechargeable battery lifetime. VH Cs, VH D and VH F sizes are designed for use in devices requiring fast charging and high discharge current (50 A). The VH series features excellent operating parameters even after a long storage period.


  • power tools,
  • professional electronic equipment.
TypeVoltage (V)Typical capacity (Ah)Nominal capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current (A)SizeDimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload PDF
VH AAA1,20,680,651,95AAAø 10,5×43,7Cylindrical
VH AA 15001,21,501,404,20AAø 14,0×49,3Cylindrical
VH AA 17001,21,701,604,80AAø 14,0×49,3Cylindrical
VH 4/3A1,23,753,7011,004/3Aø 17,0×67,0Cylindrical
VH Cs 3200 XL1,23,203,0030,00SCø 22,0×42,7Cylindrical
VH D 9500 XP1,29,509,0050,00Dø 32,2×58,6Cylindrical
VH F XP1,215,3014,0070,00Fø 32,2×89,2Cylindrical

VHT/VHT U Series

The VHT series is designed for applications requiring long lifetimes and operation in extreme temperatures (-40°C to +70°C, for some versions even +85°C). The rechargeable batteries may be charged with C/3 current and are designed for cyclical operation (up to 5000 cycles @50% DOD).

Application of VHT:

  • emergency power systems,
  • UPS systems,
  • external solar systems,
  • measuring instruments.

VHT U series rechargeable batteries are designed for use in emergency lighting systems and for operation at temperatures of +50°C. For maximum lifetime intermittent charging is required (Intermittent Charge mode). 

TypeVoltage (V)Typical capacity (Ah)Nominal capacity (Ah)Max. cont. current (mA)SizeDimensions (mm)ConstructionDownload PDF
VHT AA 8001,20,840,8400AAø 14,0×49,3Cylindrical
VHT AA1,21,151,1550AAø 14,0×49,3Cylindrical
VHT Cs1,22,202,01000SCø 22,0×42,7Cylindrical
VHT 7/5 Cs1,24,204,020007/5SCø 22,0×60,0Cylindrical
VHT D1,26,456,03000Dø 32,2×58,6Cylindrical
VHT F1,211,010,05000Fø 32,2×89,2Cylindrical
VHT AA U1,21,151,13300AAø 14,0×49,3Cylindrical
VHT Cs U1,22,202,06000SCø 22,0×42,7Cylindrical
VHT 7/5 Cs U1,24,204,0120007/5SCø 22,2×60,0Cylindrical