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Second Generation of Saft lithium cells

Saft announced changes in the small bobbin Li-SOCl2 primary cells of the LS series manufactured in Poitiers, France: LS 14250 (1/2 AA size), LS 14500 ( AA size) and LS 17500 (A).
The changes will be implemented effectively in 2021 and concern only the internal components of the cells; there are no changes in the housing or external dimensions. The aim is to improve the operating parameters of Saft LS cells, in particular:

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We ensure safety ad continuous production

Dear Clients and Business Partners,

As a company of key importance for the industry of battery packs and battery power systems, we have been monitoring the international situation for a long time, preparing for a possible business activity in the increasing risk of viral infection. For this reason, even before official government announcements, we proactively took appropriate precautions to guarantee the safety of employees and ensure uninterrupted business continuity.

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Million batteries a year!

SAFT and Opel form a joint venture called Automotive Cell Company (ACC), which will start producing EV batteries from 2023.

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Will Europe and the US catch up with China?

Western world is trying to implement a policy of changing bus fleets from diesel to electric. However, it is in very small steps compared to China, which definitely dominates the global market for electric vehicles, especially buses.

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Dear Readers, 
Wamtechnik Sp. z o.o. participated in the battery conference BATTERY EXPERTS FORUM 2019 in Frankfurt, held on 10-12 April 2019. This is a big event organized by Batteryuniversity Gmbh, with an extensive program, about 100 presentations from power industry.

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Electric aircraft are no longer just development projects

A Norwegian customer has just ordered 60 pieces(!) of 2-person e-Flyer2 aircraft from BYE AEROSPACE from Colorado USA. The company claims that in total it has 298 pieces in the order book.

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A breakthrough in the topic of cell production for electric vehicles?

EUROPE, specifically France and Germany, has taken a stricter initiative to build cell factories for powering electric vehicles.

As long as these were just goverment level talks it was kind of “wishful thinking”.
But from 1st May 2019 it has got a real shape, and it looks that the actions will be quick.

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Energetab – 11-13.09.2018

Dear All

you are welcome to visit us at Energetab 2018, Bielsko-Biała, 11-13.09.2018 – booth No A-53

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