A breakthrough in the topic of cell production for electric vehicles?

EUROPE, specifically France and Germany, has taken a stricter initiative to build cell factories for powering electric vehicles.

As long as these were just goverment level talks it was kind of “wishful thinking”.
But from 1st May 2019 it has got a real shape, and it looks that the actions will be quick.

There is a plan to create a consortium PSA + OPEL + SAFT Batteries, with the support of the European Commission, for the production of batteries in Germany and France. The governments have allocated a considerable amount of funds, Germany 1 billion Euro, France 700 million.

On May 3, a press conference was held by the German and French ministers of economy and energy and representatives from PSA and SAFT Batteries, when a consortium was announced, which quickly attracted the attention of investors and the EU Commission. Interested capital increased to the level of 5-6 billion Euro and the EU Commission promised funding at 1.2 billion. A number of other Member States are interested in joining investments: Italy, Belgium, Poland, Austria and Finland.

Seems like something really started, since important corporations are involved in the plans for cell production in the EU.

(PSA together with Opel = car manufacturer No. 2 in the world, and SAFT – number 1 in the world in non-rechargeable lithium cells and one of the leaders in rechargeable Li-Ion’s.)

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