Second Generation of Saft lithium cells

Saft announced changes in the small bobbin Li-SOCl2 primary cells of the LS series manufactured in Poitiers, France: LS 14250 (1/2 AA size), LS 14500 ( AA size) and LS 17500 (A).
The changes will be implemented effectively in 2021 and concern only the internal components of the cells; there are no changes in the housing or external dimensions. The aim is to improve the operating parameters of Saft LS cells, in particular:

– Voltage response at moderate and high temperatures, especially voltage stability at high temperatures;
– Better depassivation at all temperatures;
– Lower self-discharge, especially at moderate and high temperatures;
– Maintained capacity at low discharge and high temperature;
– Atex results with short-circuit test under load of 3 mOhm and 60 ° C according to IECEx60079-11 standard
– Higher resistance to external corrosion.

Wamtechnik has already received the samples of LS Gen2 cells and is currently testing them in their own laboratory.
If you are interested in receiving the samples or information about the new cells, please contact us.

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