Wamtechnik together with Las Na Zawsze Foundation to care for the planet

We have been operating for more than 30 years
we employ more than 300 people
and this year we are planting 3000sqm of forest!

2023 is a year of many challenges for our company, we are investing in a new production hall and new projects. We operate on many levels, one of which we are pleased to report is the company’s sustainability efforts. Together with Las Na Zawsze Foundation and our team, we will plant 3,000sqm of forest, and we will also focus on educating the team about the benefits of each tree planted. In this way, we will be throwing our weight behind the fight against climate change and maintaining climate neutrality.

3000sqm of forest to grow forever!

By working with the Las Na Zawsze Foundation, we are assured that the forest planted will stay with us forever. Why?

The Foundation secures the forests primarily through property rights, but also through financial or social safeguards. The land on which forests of Las Na Zawsze grows is owned by the Foundation. And this one, in turn, blocked in its statute any economic activities that might happen on forest areas. Ultimately, the Foundation aims to change the law and introduce a new form of legal protection – Socially Protected Nature Areas.

We are making place for nature!

Campaign partner – Las Na Zawsze Foundation protects mature forest ecosystems, plants young, biodiverse forests and educates. We are delighted to be part of the Las Na Zawsze campaign, and together with other partners we will plant a forest consisting of indigenous tree species, which also provide refuge for birds, insects and other animal species. As the #WamtechnikTeam we will be part of a community working for the planet by joining actions that respond to the needs of today’s world.

Are we aware of what the forest gives us?

Trees appeared in the world nearly 300 million years ago, while rational man is only about 200,000 years old. For tens of thousands of years, the forest has provided us with shelter, food and wood. Scientists are constantly carrying out studies on the impact of the forest on our planet. We already know that they certainly keep us alive, they participate in many of the processes that keep our planet’s climate in balance. They provide stable living conditions and repair what we destroy with economic development.

Through the leaves, the needles absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

1 ha of forest absorbs 7 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year. That is as much as 4 cars produce each year!

In the process of photosynthesis, trees take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, leave themselves carbon and send oxygen back into the atmosphere. On an Earth scale, forests are responsible for around 15% of oxygen production.

One pine tree provides oxygen for 3 people and a large Beech tree is capable of producing oxygen for 14 people!

How much oxygen a tree produces depends on its age. In the first few years of life, the balance is unfavorable, but later on, oxygen production skyrockets. It is estimated that one adult tree produces as much oxygen as 1,500 young trees.

Oxygen production and CO2 absorption are among the many benefits that forests bring us. Forests protect us by lowering temperatures, storing water, reducing smog levels, protecting us from floods. We must not forget the health aspects. The forest regulates blood pressure, boosts immunity, relaxes and has therapeutic powers.

For more information, visit the Campaign Partner website at https://lasnazawsze.org.pl/.

You also can be part of this action and plant a piece of forest yourself.

Support the Foundation: https://www.lasnazawsze.org.pl/posadz-kawalek-lasu/

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