• The first high-voltage powers supply system replaceable by the user designed for an extreme application – electric motorcycle,
  • Mechanical design based on 3 modules with a system for play elimination inside the cell holders.


  • During operation, the peak power drawn by the motorcycle is 25 kW (34 HP), the operating current in such a case is approx. 100 A, and the voltage is approx. 250 V,
  • Due to the required parameters, the solution uses air-tight relays in every battery circuit (placed tightly in the housing, with suitable isolation gap from the housing). The battery heats up to approx. 65oC, and it has to cool down to 40oC after operation in order to be recharged,
  • The pack has been provided with a heat dissipation system using the infrared radiation emission capability of the black housing, and the cooldown time was shortened to a level acceptable to the user – 45 minutes.


  • Battery cooldown time after maximum discharge was shortened to 40–45 minutes,
  • The power supply system received full type approval, including crash tests,
  • The batch production of the motorcycle began in 2013,
  • In 2018, an upgrade was implemented to increase battery capacity by 50%.