• Developing a power supply system for a small drive with high mechanical requirements, electrical requirements (primarily for operating power) and electronic requirements (electronic system monitoring battery operation and communicating with the drive monitored by the application in a mobile phone),
  • It was also required to meet a number of standard requirements because the project was supposed to eventually be certified for all global markets.


  • Common development process of the product and dedicated battery,
  • Common tests of the drive design enabled selection of suitable parameters of lithium-ion cells,
  • Designing mechanical components with a very high resistance to potentially incorrect use (possible application of the drive in consumer products) and dedicated electronic systems with advanced safety and communication functions, including software for mobile phones that monitors the operation of the drive and battery status,
  • An additional function was the option of supplying phones and tablets.


  • The developed device was easy to assemble, inexpensive to produce and very reliable and safe to use by potential consumers (end consumer), with no knowledge of batteries). Certification for Europe and the USA has been completed,
  • The developed solution is currently being implemented for batch production. The client is implementing the final stage of the EU and the USA market tests (eventually, the project will be certified globally).