• Considering the operating conditions of the device,
  • Full communication of battery status, faults and event history,
  • Suitability of the solution for series of devices, differing by size or individual parameters of the system,
  • Minimising the costs for mass production.


  • The design process and optimisation led to the development of a platform to be used as the base solution for several power supply systems as part of a project for a single client,
  • The diversity of components was minimised to achieve the economies of scale for components shared by different battery types,
  • Assembly was optimised to enable automation of production. The BMS was provided with a self-diagnostic function and fault memory to enable device maintenance.


  • Battery system with a common platform and energies from 144 Wh to 720 Wh,
  • The system is assembled from unified components, which are well-suited for batch assembly and which are designed for quick and stable production with high, reproducible quality and minimum price.