Generation 2 new cell models

SAFT Batteries, a world leader in the lithium power supply industry, conducts research and development work to improve the parameters of LS series lithium cells. Based on this research, a new generation of the Li-SOCl2 electrochemical system (Gen2 Electrochemistry) was developed. Changes to the LS14250/LS14500/LS17500 small cells have already been completed and these models have been in production for 2 years.

Currently new model of cell in size C is being implemented – LS26500plus, using the Saft GEN2 electrochemical system, characterized by, among others: 
– increased nominal capacity to 8500 mAh (+10% increase, from 7.7 Ah to 8.5 Ah; for a load of 900 Ω at 20°C); using the same mechanical structure as the older LS26500 cell model, 
-improved durability in measurement applications, affecting both self-discharge and the ability of the cell to work in pulses, 
– much better operation for pulses at medium and elevated temperatures. 
The previous model of the LS26500 cell is still available for sale, there is no information yet from the manufacturer when the LS26500plus will finally fully replace it. Cell prices remain similar, although the LS26500plus has larger capacity, which means more active material in the form of lithium metal, resulting in a slightly higher surcharge for lithium and a slightly higher cell price. 
The LS26500plus cell meets all main quality requirements, safety and environmental protection standards. 
• Safety: UL 1642, IEC 60086-4:2019 (CB Scheme) 
• ATEX: IEC 60079-11 part 10.5 (T4 rated temperature + 40°C) 
• Transport: UN38.3, UN 3090 and UN 3091 
• Quality: ISO 9001, Saft Excellence System 
The chart below shows operating characteristics of cells in professional measuring devices. The graph shows the improvement in the service life of Gen.2 cells: the LS26500plus Gen2 cell ( blue ) works 10% longer than the LS26500 Gen1 ( red ); discharge curve for a load of 5000 Ω (0.72mA) at temperature +20°C. 

A new Gen.2 D-size cell is also under development and intensive industrial testing – LS33600plus 19.5Ah, its implementation is planned at the turn of 2025/2026. 
Samples of LS26500plus 8.5Ah cells are available from Wamtechnik, please contact us.

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