B.B. Battery – new brand in the Wamtechnik offer

Our current lead-acid battery portfolio is now extended by new brand B.B.Battery, perfect replacement for Panasonic AGM batteries. Panasonic decided to develop other technologies in the power segment, and at the end of 2020, the production of most batteries in lead-acid technology was strongly reduced. B.B.Battery products are an excellent replacement, both in terms of battery capacity and dimensions, also offering high reliability and lifetime.

Batteries of this brand are characterized by very high repeatability of parameters, which is important when connecting batteries into high-voltage batteries and into high capacity and energy. systems. B.B. Batteries are used in UPS equipment, telecommunications, electric vehicles, solar / PV energy systems, forklifts, alarm systems, medical equipment, emergency lighting and many others where reliability and reliability is of highest importance. Batteries of this brand are used by many significant OEMs, also on the Polish market, and thanks to their high quality and reliability, they have gained users’s trust.
We currently offer a series of BP and BPS, as well as HR and SHR batteries.
You are very welcome to contact us about B.B. Battery products.

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