We are pleased to announce that our company has been granted AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status. AEO is a prestigious customs certificate, recognised throughout the European Union, which allows for the simplification of procedures related to the international transport of goods.

To obtain AEO status, the demanding requirements of the Union Customs Code must be met. Certification is preceded by a detailed audit conducted by the customs administration. During the verification process, requirements for compliance with customs regulations, the organisation and supervision of trade record management systems, the application of security and safety standards for facilities, consignments, data and information are checked. The relevant criteria must also be met by the employees themselves, and the team’s qualification and non-criminal record status are evaluated.

The AEO certificate guarantees a secure supply chain and entitles to benefit from facilitated customs controls in terms of safety and security. In practice, this means simplified customs procedures, reduced frequency of inspections, privileged treatment of customs declarations and streamlined procedures for obtaining authorisations issued by the customs administration.

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