Joint commitment and experience are the basis of our success.

Industrial Battery Pack Department

The department analyses requests to suggest  suitable power sources from our range of products , determine the parameters required by the particular device and prepare a quotation that best suits the client’s needs.


Distribution Department

The employees of this department advise on the selection of suitable power sources. They help to determine all the necessary transaction terms and delivery details and prepare the best quotation for the Client.

Research & Development

The department analyses the parameters of the power supply system and the target device and design the pack. It develops dedicated solutions based on innovative technologies.

Laboratory of Power Supply
Systems and Certification

The laboratory tests the strength and safety of the packs, conducting detailed tests in accordance with relevant standards, frequently using the final application. It analyses and assesses the materials, methods and technologies used in the pack.


The Prototyping Department prepares pack prototypes for testing and evaluation in order to achieve optimum system parameters and the highest possible standards of safety.

Quality Assurance Department

The department ensures the safety and the highest levels of quality at every stage of the production process (process control), conducting detailed inspections of purchased components and shipped end products.


The Procurement Department selects suppliers based on quality indicators. They plan and conduct purchases in accordance with the production schedule and purchase forecasts. The department monitors warehouse stocks and ensures that there is suitable stock of the individual components.


The Production Department is in charge of the production of battery packs in accordance with the design documentation prepared by the Research & Development Department. The production process is based on the Lean Manufacturing production management system. We use the 5S methodology and a culture of continuous improvement.

and Planning

This department optimises production efficiency to ensure most efficient use of human resources, materials and components. Planning is done with consideration of the individual scheduling requirements of the project. The department uses the Lean Manufacturing system.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management personnel cooperate closely with the Procurement Department and report warehouse stocks to ensure efficient transfer of components for production. They also ensure suitable storage conditions.