Lead-acid technology (rechargeable)


The rechargeable battery guarantor – Wamtechnik Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Warsaw, ensures high quality of products and their correct operation subject to adherence to Operating Principles constituting an appendix to the present Terms.

  1. The present guarantee agreement is concluded by and between the guarantor and the direct purchaser of rechargeable batteries from Wamtechnik Sp. z o.o.

The guarantee period is as follows:

– for rechargeable batteries with a 5 – 9 years design lifetime (SB, SBH, LC-R, UP-VW, NB series) a 12 month guarantee is granted

– for rechargeable batteries with a 10 – 12 design lifetime ( SBL, SBLFT, NBL, NBLFT, LC-X, LC-P series) a 24 month guarantee is granted

– for rechargeable batteries with a 15 years design lifetime ( LC-QA series) a 36 month guarantee is granted

– for cyclical operation rechargeable batteries (SBCG, NBC, NBCG, 8G series) a 12 month guarantee period, starting on the date of purchase is granted.

A guarantee for periods exceeding those stipulated above is granted only upon  separate arrangements made between the parties.

  1. If a rechargeable battery defect occurs during the guarantee period, a guarantee claim should be submitted to the guarantor or another entity specified by the guarantor together with proof of purchase.
  2. In order to take advantage of the guarantee, the following have to be provided to the guarantor:

3.1 if the rechargeable batteries were connected to an emergency power system – rechargeable battery start-up report and periodic inspection reports together with measurement and test results as well as regenerative charging records as referred to in the Operating Principles (periodic inspections should be performed every 12 months).

3.2 for other applications – written information specifying the reason for the guarantee claim and operating conditions (voltage, current, charge and discharge times, number of completed cycles, temperature range) and, if applicable, records of regenerative charging as referred to in the Operating Principles.

  1. The party entitled pursuant to the guarantee shall deliver the rechargeable battery at its own cost and effort. If the guarantee claim is approved, the guarantor shall refund transport costs to the party entitled pursuant to the guarantee.
  2. The guarantor shall process the guarantee claim without undue delay, subject however to sufficient time to perform tests or measurements.
  3. The guarantor does not provide substitute rechargeable batteries for the guarantee processing period.
  4. The guarantor reserves the right to carry out an on-site visit at the rechargeable battery site of operation.
  5. Only material and workmanship defects are covered by the guarantee, discovered or occurred during the guarantee period, the cause of which is attributable to the sold item.
  6. If the guarantee claim is approved, the guarantor shall replace the defective rechargeable battery with a new one.
  7. The guarantor shall not be liable for actual losses or lost benefits caused by the rechargeable battery defect.
  8. The guarantee does not cover:

11.1 all mechanical and thermal damage attributable to the party entitled pursuant to the guarantee,

11.2 damage attributable to atmospheric discharges or other external causes (e.g. the entitled party’s defective electrical wiring system),

11.3 damages attributable to too intensive or incorrect use,

11.4 a fault which occurred as a result of staring-up the rechargeable battery later than 3 months following the date of delivery.

  1. The guarantee shall be invalidated as a result of:

12.1 failure to observe the recommendations set forth in the Operating Principles for starting-up, servicing, maintenance, use and storage of the rechargeable battery,

12.2 unauthorised repairs, modification, changes or connection of the rechargeable battery to an electrical wiring system contrary to the instructions,




WG01 is in force from: 01/08/2017