VRLA-gel lead-acid batteries

VRLA-gel lead-acid batteries of NERBO

Gel technology rechargeable batteries. The NBCG series is a product dedicated for use in applications where the rechargeable battery has to maintain very good parameters even subject to deep discharge and after many cycles. They are suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, internal and external applications. Application: emergency power supply systems, power supply for boat motors, energy banks in photovoltaic systems, wheelchairs, caravans, etc.

NBCG Series

Gel technology rechargeable batteries, design lifetime: 15 years. Built for buffer and cyclical operation under deep discharges. These batteries are suitable for use under extreme working conditions.


  • emergency power supply systems,
  • photovoltaic systems,
  • marine units,
  • small electric vehicles,
  • mobile equipment.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Dimensions length/width/height (mm)Total height (mm)Weight (kg)Clam typeDesing lifetimeDownload PDF
NBCG 40-12i12,040,0198,0/166,0/169,0169,013,2Internal thread M612 years
NBCG 75-12i12,075,0260,0/169,0/211,0218,023,5Internal thread M612 years
NBCG 100-12i12,0100,0328,0/172,0/220,0225,030,0Internal thread M812 years
NBCG 120-12i12,0120,0407,0/177,0/225,0225,035,5Internal thread M812 years
NBCG 150-12i12,0150,0483,0/170,0/241,0241,044,5Internal thread M812 years
NBCG 200-12i12,0200,0522,0/240,0/219,0224,060,0Internal thread M812 years