VRLA-gel lead-acid batteries

VRLA-gel lead-acid batteries of BAE SECURA

BAE Batterien GmbH is a German manufacturer of high quality lead-acid rechargeable batteries. The manufacturing plant located in Berlin satisfies the most stringent quality standards and environmental protection requirements. It has been operating continuously since 1899. The rechargeable batteries manufactured by BAE deliver long lifetimes, reliability and very good technical parameters, often surpassing standards prescribed by DIN.

OPzV Series – 2V cells

OPzV series feature gel technology lead-acid cells with a tubular plate significantly extending their lifetimes, even up to 18-20 years in the 20-25oC temperature range. BAE OPzV rechargeable batteries are ideal for applications requiring safe and reliable operation with autonomous periods between 1 and >10h. They are suitable for operation as part of in-situ power systems in telecommunications, emergency lighting, power generation, etc.


  • a part of in-situ power systems in telecommunications,
  • emergency lighting,
  • power generation, etc.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity C10h (Ah)Dimensions length/width/height (mm)Weight (kg)Clamp typesDesign lifetimeDownload PDF
2 OPzV 1002,0121,0105,0/208,0/420,012,4Internal thread M10>12 years
3 OPzV 1502,0182,0105,0/208,0/420,017,1Internal thread M10>12 years
4 OPzV 2002,0243,0105,0/208,0/420,019,4 Internal thread M10>12 years
5 OPzV 2502,0304,0126,0/208,0/420,023,3Internal thread M10>12 years
6 OPzV 3002,0364,0147,0/208,0/420,027,4Internal thread M10>12 years
5 OPzV 3502,0447,0126,0/208,0/535,031,4Internal thread M10>12 years
6 OPzV 4202,0529,0147,0/208,0/535,036,9Internal thread M10>12 years
7 OPzV 4902,0610,0168,0/208,0/535,042,4Internal thread  M10>12 years
6 OPzV 6002,0729,0147,0/208,0/710,051,0Internal thread M10>12 years
7 OPzV 7002,0858,0215,0/193,0/710,061,9Internal thread M10>12 years
8 OPzV 8002,0970,0215,0/193,0/710,068,8Internal thread M10>12 years
9 OPzV 9002,01.090,0215,0/235,0/710,077,0Internal thread M10>12 years
10 OPzV 10002,01.200,0215,0/235,0/710,083,9Internal thread M10>12 years
11 OPzV 11002,01.320,0215,0/277,0/710,092,2Internal thread M10>12 years
12 OPzV 12002,01.440,0215,0/277,0/710,099,2Internal thread M10>12 years
11 OPzV 13752,01.570,0215,0/277,0/855,0108,2Internal thread M10>12 years
12 OPzV 15002,01.710,0215,0/277,0/855,0116,5Internal thread M10>12 years
13 OPzV 16252,01.890,0215,0/400,0/815,0131,4Internal thread M10>12 years
14 OPzV 17502,02.070,0215,0/400,0/815,0141,2Internal thread M10>12 years
15 OPzV 18752,02.170,0215,0/400,0/815,0147,9Internal thread M10>12 years
16 OPzV 20002,02.300,0215,0/400,0/815,0156,2Internal thread M10>12 years
17 OPzV 21252,02.480,0215,0/490,0/815,0173,6Internal thread M10>12 years
18 OPzV 22502,02.610,0215,0/490,0/815,0181,4Internal thread M10>12 years
19 OPzV 23752,02.740,0215,0/490,0/815,0189,6Internal thread M10>12 years
20 OPzV 25002,02.870,0215,0/490,0/815,0197,8Internal thread M10>12 years
22 OPzV 27502,03.210,0215,0/580,0/815,0205,7Internal thread M10>12 years
24 OPzV 30002,03.470,0215,0/580,0/815,0222,0Internal thread M10>12 years
26 OPzV 32502,03.650,0215,0/580,0/815,0235,1Internal thread M10>12 years

OPzV Series – monoblocks


  • alarm and electronic control equipment,
  • guaranteed power supply systems,
  •  solar systems.
TypeVoltage (V)Capacity C10h (Ah)Dimensions length/width/height (mm)Weight (kg)Clamp typeDesign lifetimeDownload PDF
12V 1 OPzV 5012,057,3272,0/205,0/385,043,0Internal thread M1012÷18 years
12V 2 OPzV 10012,0110,0272,0/205,0/385,052,0Internal thread M1012÷18 years
12V 3 OPzV 15012,0165,0380,0/205,0/385,074,2Internal thread M1012÷18 years
6V 4 OPzV 2006,0229,0272,0/205,0/385,051,0Internal thread M1012÷18 years
6V 5 OPzV 2506,0286,0380,0/205,0/385,065,0Internal thread M1012÷18 years
6V 6 OPzV 3006,0344,0380,0/205,0/385,073,8Internal thread M1012÷18 years
2V 12 OPzV 6002,0688,0205,0/272,0/385,051,0Internal thread M1012÷18 years
2V 15 OPzV 7502,0860,0205,0/380,0/385,065,0Internal thread M1012÷18 years
2V 18 OPzV 9002,01.030,0205,0/380,0/385,073,8Internal thread M1012÷18 years