Corporate social responsibility

  • We only select and invest in environmentally friendly solutions that reduce pollution emission during production and the implementation of projects.
  • We continuously monitor our technological processes in terms of their environmental impact.
  • We comply with national and international law relating to environmental protection.

Environmental awareness

  • We comply with implemented internal procedures aimed at environmental protection.
  • We promote environmental awareness among our clients, employees and local communities.

Reasonable management

  • We conduct responsible material, energy and waste management.
  • We seek to continually reduce the volume of waste generated by our company and ensure that all waste is selectively collected and segregated and then recycled or disposed of by professional companies.

In 2018 we collected:

0 kg

waste paper

We promote ecological living!

Environmental protection does not only require great actions. It is possible to have an significant impact by regular small acts of environmental kindness and responsibility . Try it yourself if you want to be environmentally friendly! It is really simple:


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